What's up, it's cool to have you here! We prepared a bit of a shredder's set just for you. If you're on the lookout for a Shreddmas present or you just looking to get your steez levels up, then get your baskets filled up! You've got two options - a simple set in a tube or a hardcore set in a box. Remember, this is a presale - all products will be sent at once, until 16th of December.

First come, first served! Our bundles are very limited!

Szymon and Dawid Godziek



219 ZŁ

If you want to feel a huge dose of hype straight from #GodziekBrothers, then you need to grab this GBOX! The winter is coming and for such weather you will need the included hat and socks to stay warm. Besides that, in the box you will find the Tube with #GBROS gadgets to have even more fun! Are you ready? Fill up those carts and keep an eye out for the delivery. The box will arrive to your doorstep before Shreddmas! PS. The Christmas boxes are limited - only 250 of them!*

GBOX Contents:

Double pack of socks + winterhat + postcard + THE TUBE: signed poster, stickerpack, 2 rubberbands, a letter.

*Applies only to delivery within Poland.

59 ZŁ

Godziek Brothers TUBE is a limited set of gadgets filled with the bike hype. Frost resistant stickers, a freshly signed poster and rubberbands are all you need to warm up that cold winter vibe. Sick right? Place it in your cart then. If you want more, get that GBox. The tube will arrive to your doorstep before Shreddmas!*

Tube Contents:

Poster signed by David and Szymon, sticker pack, 2 rubberbands, a letter from Godziek Bros

*Applies only to delivery within Poland.
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Dispatched 16.12

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